Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June in pictures

Is it obvious that I have completely let my family and professional lives overrun my cancer life?  Well, I have, and it's been wonderful.  There were several days when I thought to myself that I should blog, but I must admit that I enjoyed the "break" from it, as if I were previously under some blogging obligation or something.  Regardless, I'm back now and intend to keep blogging occasionally, although it's possible that I'll never resume my previous productivity.  I do a lot of writing for my scientific career, and I am actively working on turning SGPC into some sort of a book, so the blog is just not going to get the attention it deserves.  

I didn't have a camera by my side for all of the great things I have done this past month, but here are a few highlights that were captured in photos.  First, I held a teacher appreciation party (this may have actually been in May) for my girls' preschool teachers.  I cooked them dinner, gave them a crochet hook and a ball of yarn, and taught them how to crochet.  It was a great time!  My star student had a finished potholder by the end of the week, and even went on to make a second one on her own.  Good job, teachers!

Second, I have so much fun doing my girls' hair.
Here is a fishtail braid on Azalea
Eleanor wanted no part of the braiding process but was nonetheless interested in a photo.
 Also, for Father's day I crocheted Ian his own special blankie.  Love you, you special daddy you.

Finally, I traveled to San Francisco for the 112th American Society for Microbiology conference.  My friend S. also traveled there with baby C. and scientist husband T.  She found an evening yoga session at Grace cathedral.  The sky was clear, the hill was tall, the church was breathtaking, and the yoga put my breath back in place.  Phenomenal evening. 

I spent a few of my conference lunches with some mom friends.  I was the baby social coordinator for a day.  

It's been a wonderful, 100% cancer-free month.  July will be just as glorious.