Saturday, September 1, 2018

Bliss list, volume PARTY

Goodness I truly apologize for the delay, both for you and for me.  I have really been struggling with the brain swelling, even with the restart of the steroids.  I just haven't been feeling tip top, and I'm still working in the mornings and doing rest/self-care (e.g., exercise, etc.) in the afternoons and family time in the evenings and going to bed super early, so unfortunately that leaves pretty much zero time for blogging (or anything, really).  BUT this Labor Day weekend I am determined to do some things for myself rather than for the to-do list, so I've been sitting in this recliner for awhile now, just writing.  Kids should have eaten lunch an hour ago...whelp, they can go make themselves a sandwich when they're hungry!  Imma gonna stay here until I'm done with this!

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who attended the Carnation Nation Appreciation party, both physically and in spirit.  My heart was/is OVERFLOWING with love for all of you!  And I was so surprised by allllll of the people who came from near and far!!  I won't call out everyone, because I don't want to accidentally leave anyone out, but I am seriously grateful to have hugged you, whether you are friend or family from Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New Mexico, or Washington.  I wish I could have spent more time with each and every one of you!  But at the time I was mindful of the present moment, and I truly relished the time I sat with you, or hugged you, or danced with you.  I miss you even more now!!!

I have scant pictures from the party; only a few from people's Facebook posts (THANK YOU).  I took zero photos (see the bolded statement above about about the present moment; being present means that my phone was put away!).  SO, if you have some great ones, send them to me and I'll do another CARNATIONS PARTY bliss list!

Without further ado, here is what is on my heart for the current Bliss List, volume PARTY:
  1. The man, the legend, the head of the party planning committee, and my whole HEART: my dad.  This guy has boundless energy, intelligence, kindness, and generosity.  I am the luckiest kid in the ever-expanding universe.  I hope you met him at the party!  This party wouldn't have happened without him.  He and I sat in an oncology waiting room in the winter, and I was like, I want to throw myself a party, and he was like I want to throw you a party.  And then I was like, yep, you can throw me a party, and I didn't LIFT A FINGER!!!  Well, except for band research, and the superheros.  I knew exactly what I wanted in a band, so I helped pick/find the band.  But dad's the one who found them and beta-tested them!  MAJOR props, dad!!!  The band was EXACTLY WHAT I HAD IN MIND!!!!  (more on the band in #5)
    My pops.  Uncle Rod, thanks for this photo.  It makes my heart as swollen as my brain.  
  2. The party planning committee.  I don't think I can ever thank you guys enough, so hopefully I've paid it forward, as they say, in my previous years.  And I'll never stop trying to fill your buckets up as much as you've filled mine.  Thank you so much for your hard work, and for your excellence with PLANNING.  I myself am not a very good planner, so I do truly admire your planning skills.  You thought of EVERYTHING!  The venue was stunning, the food was delicious and plentiful, and the kids' activities were bangin', especially whomever was rocking the facepainting.  That was some SOLID facepainting!  L and M, I'm so grateful to your friends who came to run the kids' games!  They were terrific fun to dance with, too!  I looooove their energy!!  I really think that the kids activities were the highlight of the party.  I think my friend A's kid said it best:  her kid is greatly looking forward to the next party.  Bravo, and thank you!
    Carnation Nation Appreciation Party Planning Committee 2018
  3. The Avengers of the Knights!  Thanks for coming to my party, superheros!  They did a great job and the kids loved them.  Here I am with Batman, Captain America, The Flash, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and most of my nieces (not pictured: sleeping baby Alice) and nephews/ninja turtles!  SO special!!!

4.  My siblings.  I love you guys so much.  We're so different, but we're also the same, and I'm grateful for all of our differences and similarities.  Well, most of them (lol).  One of my favorite moments of the night was when the band played "Seven Nation Army" by the White Stripes and we all stopped whatever it was that we were doing to meet each other on the dance floor.  You all did air guitar; I'm pretty sure I refrained from the air guitar, sorry.  But it was such a JOY to watch you all headbang and air guitar!!!  Whenever I hear that song I think of our Thanksgiving road trip to visit Grandma Kati in New Mexico, and a light snow squeaking off of the windshield of that smelly Taurus (or was it Ryan that was smelly? It must have been Ryan because maybe we took my Saturn, and that car wasn't smelly) as we pulled into that creepy hotel outside of Wichita for the night.  A seven-nation army couldn't, and didn't, hold us back, lol.  

My brother and his Wonderful partner.  I am so grateful that you made the trip from Seattle!  I ADORE both of you!!

My sisters, #twinning it hardcore at the party.  I ADORE you both, even though I can't #twin with you!!

5. The Final Mix Showband!  Oh man, these guys have talent and heart and charisma!  By the end of the night I felt like they were a part of my family.  They had an awesome playlist and made it really hard for this brain-swollen girl to sit down and take breaks.  Every time I would sit down, they would play something completely irresistible and up I'd be!  So much AWESOME!!!  Thank you for being YOU, and for playing our Carnation Nation Appreciation Party!  And best of luck to one of the lead singers, who is also a cancer survivor.  You've got this!
6. Twelve One Videography.  Thank you SO much, DC, for documenting this party for us.  I'm so, so grateful that everyone walked out to the hill, despite the heat and party interruption, for you to take this glorious drone footage.  I can't figure out how to save the drone footage to my computer, but if you're a Facebook user you can view it through the Twelve One Videography page.  Here is the link to the Carnation Nation Appreciation party drone footage via Facebook.  I have no idea if this will work or not, lol, so good luck.  :)
7. Whomever sent ~100 stems of carnations to my home!  The card only said "Enjoy the flowers".  We put them to good use at the party!  Carnations were everywhere!  And after the party their beautiful aroma filled our house for weeks.  So, thank you, mystery carnation sender.  We appreciate your generosity!  
8.  You see those awesome Carnation Nation t-shirts in the pictures?  My cousin, B, organized those.  I think that she's placing another order, so please email me at "30carnations at gmail dot com" if you're interested and I can give you her contact information.  Thank you SO much, B, for your leadership and hard work on this effort!  You did an awesome job, and the shirts are wonderful!!
9.  It's a little bit dark, but I think that the following picture best summarizes how awesome this party was.  I love you, Junie!  

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