Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lurking fatigue

Today I learned that I have moved into a new category of fatigue.  I learned that for the past week I was feeling a type of fatigue that was evident even when I was doing nothing:  obvious fatigue, bone-crushing fatigue.  This is in contrast to my new fatigue, which I am going to dub lurking fatigue.  This type of fatigue allows me to wake up and enforce my optimism, but slaps me down shortly after noon.  It's not so bad, this lurking fatigue, but I will need to set the bar a little bit lower for myself than I did for today.

I went to work for four hours, and by the end my body had backtracked to Tuesday.  I rested and slept for most of the afternoon, but I have still not recovered to this morning's potential.  Time to go sleep, and I'll try to better pace myself (i.e. be more realistic about the new me) tomorrow.


  1. Keep in mind that the "old" you is still in there and a bigger go-getter than most people. Maybe the "new" you is comparable to the every-day me :) Don't be too hard on yourself for taking naps and relaxing. You are getting used to the routine and I have no doubt that in a few weeks you will have a routine that kicks the every-day me's butt!!

  2. You looked amazing today girl. Your strength shines brighter than the sun (even the sun on your old wall on Walnut). It warms all who know you or grace your presence, and most importantly, it will burn your C out of you, and blast it back to the freakin stone age where it belongs.

  3. Hey Hon -

    One day without my Allen family fix. You'd be proud of my clean house, though. And some good Molly time tonight. I'll be checking in Monday. I hope today was as good as the last few days - keep that bar steady . . . . (Not really Molly - just using her computer :-)