Monday, August 22, 2011

We survived!

Oooo it was hard dropping off those ladies at preschool and daycare this morning!  But I can conclusively say that everything is going to be okay, as evidenced by the following.  When asked how her first day at preschool went, Azalea enthusiastically replied, "Awesome awesome!"  And although Eleanor had a "sad" day, she took an excellent nap and serenaded our dinner with a new song.  My logic for taking comfort is that if she was too upset then she wouldn't have been able to sleep at all, and she wouldn't have enjoyed the song enough to remember it.  And Ian discovered the most convenient bus to campus and made it to all of his classes on time.  Plus, one of his professors cursed three times during the lecture!

It's going to be a great semester.



  1. Quite a big day for the Allen Family! Had you in my thoughts. Smiles and lots of love!! xo

  2. Poor Eleanor. She will love preschool in no time!

    We are transitioning to the 2 working parents, leaving the kids in others' care lifestyle as well. This process would be so much easier if A,E,A,L,&E weren't so darn cute and sweet!

  3. Three times in one lecture? Is Prof. Holstein at ISU now?

  4. Big, bright days ahead ... so excited for you guys.


  5. Holstein was the first prof. I thought of, too.

    A,E,A,L,&E are too cute and sweet to ever be easy. I predict a lifetime of glorious challenges.