Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vacation eve

Usually on the night before a vacation I am so excited that I hardly sleep.  I run around packing and cleaning until I finally collapse on my pillow, unable to sleep as I recheck my list before I board the plane in my dreams.  But tonight, I'm having the opposite problem:  I can hardly keep my eyes open.

I have been fighting a cold for well over a week now.  The good news is that I am preventing a war in my throat or lungs, but the bad news is that the skirmishes in my sinuses are wearing me out.  I feel like I'm teetering on the edge of a cold.  It's not worthy of complaint, particularly considering where I've been, but it's a major factor contributing to my exhaustion.  

Fortunately our flight is not until early afternoon, so I will write the list and create piles tonight, then tomorrow morning Ian and I will teamwork the actual packing.  I think the most sensible part about giving in to sleep tonight is that I have a chance to wake up with renewed excitement.  Packing tonight would feel like a chore, but packing after a good night's sleep will be fun.   

The kids, oh man, the kids.  They are incredibly excited.  The plane ride, the mountains, they just can't even imagine these things yet.  Additionally, my mom wants to take Azalea skiing.  Azalea didn't know what that was, so Ian showed her some skiing clips on YouTube.  Her eyes got big and she said, "Dad, that looks dangerous."  Hopefully when we get there she'll try the bunny slopes, but if not it will still be fun to hike around a mountaintop.  

I'll be sure and post pictures of our trip, possibly while on the trip.  Be well!


  1. Have so, so much fun. Perchance you might actually get to rest a bit???? Have Grandma Heidi get up with those sweet little girls - you sleep :-)

  2. So cute, the idea of Azalea skiing! Please share pictures soon! I hope you all had a wonderful vacation, can't wait to see you again at yoga!