Wednesday, May 23, 2012

50% complete

I am halfway through my week of scans, -grams, and exams.  I should be saying "huzzah", but I'm feeling a little crabby so I'll just say "yay".  I think I'm crabby despite the 50% mark because the most dreaded of the tasks awaits me tomorrow:  the PET scan.  

The mammogram was awesome yesterday.  The technician was talented and inflicted minimal discomfort, and the results could not have been better:  the abnormality first visualized in November has not changed, and so we continue to conclude that it's scar tissue from last April's biopsy.

"No new abnormalities" is worthy of celebration in my world.  To celebrate, I stopped at The Loft Outlet on my way home and bought some clothes for myself.  (Those of you who know me know that I do not enjoy shopping and rarely buy anything for myself, so this truly was a special event.)  Despite my repulsion from shopping, I need some new clothes.  I would like to build up my summer wardrobe with shirts that are more flattering for my asymmetry.  This includes shirts that are a bit loose-fitting with accents on the left breast area or big patterns in the fabric.  My old wardrobe includes very few items that fit this description.  To date, The Loft has been the best store to suit my needs.

Today was my first of two root scaling sessions.  It truly wasn't as bad as it sounds.  I would go so far as to say that it was scarcely unpleasant.  The hygienist squirted a little bit of numbing solution at the gum line before using an ultrasonicating tool (micro-vibrating tool) to scrape my teeth just below the gumline.  Then she went through with a normal tool to double-check her work and manually scrape any places the ultrasonicating tool missed.  Hmm, although it wasn't very uncomfortable at the time, the half of my mouth that was scaled is emanating a mild yet nagging dull pain.  Perhaps I should take some tylenol, thus relieving my crabbiness by eliminating the pain only acknowledged when analyzing myself for the purpose of typing this post.

Tylenol administered.  Thank you for that.    

In a month I'll return to the dentist to scale the other half of my mouth.  After everything is properly scaled, the protocol is to keep up my dental regimen and hope that the problem doesn't get any worse.  Oh yea, and of course I'm to go to the dentist every 6 months for a professional cleaning.

Ugh ugh ugh, PET scan tomorrow, ugh ugh ugh.  I am trying to be so tough and so brave, but the truth might be that I am marginally terrified.



  1. Poor girl. I hate all of that. But I love you!!!

  2. You'll be fine. Too many crosses to bear in one week but you will do it, again. Oh yes you will.

    This calls for some Rhubarb-Strawberry Crisp...coming right up!

  3. Hey Heather - I'm around all day tomorrow and can be at your house or MGMC in just a few moments - or, you can even arrange to have me come and guard your possessions. I'll call you tomorrow to see what I can do. Love you,

  4. HK--keep inspiring us all. Be strong so we may be weak. Two days from now you'll be standing on the mountain top once again.

  5. Love you and am thinking about you today! Everything will be great and you will celebrate with a nice three day weekend! ~Holly

  6. I hate PET scan days. They are the worst. Love you !

  7. Did you at least get some of the orange when you were in IC?

    And fingers crossed for you on PET scan day. No need to force the tough and brave if you're really feeling marginally terrified. You Are That. You Got This.

  8. All I want to say is YESSSSSSS. There is no reason for posting for a month! Rock on Heather. Love you.