Friday, October 7, 2016

Advocacy overload

The same person who presented me with the opportunity to write an essay for Living Well magazine hooked me up with a few more projects near the end of September.  I gave a live interview at the local NBC studio regarding cancer survivorship and patient advocacy, and I recorded a public service announcement for a local radio station for breast cancer awareness month.  It was all quite a lot of fun!  I can't remember ever being in either a TV or radio studio before, and both were different than I expected.  The TV studio was spacious; the radio studio was closet-like.

TV interview on breast cancer awareness

Video interview on breast cancer awareness recorded at the radio studio

I have copies of the radio PSA clips, but I'm not sure how to post them.  I suppose you'll just have to listen to the radio this month and hope you hear it.  :)

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