Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Looking great in films

My problems are relatively unchanged from my last post:  I am still blowing massive snot wads, it is still cloudy, I still have cancer-itis.  It is strange to be in a static state for this long, but I suppose I shouldn't complain since nothing is that bad.  And things haven't been truly static.  The radiation is starting to give me esophageal burns, so that's a change.  It sort of feels like a perpetual lump in my throat, and it hurts to swallow hard or to swallow scratchy things, like toast.  Also, the skin that is being irradiated is quite pink, but that's all.  No blisters or anything yet.

Dr. Radiation Oncologist is quite pleased with the way my skin is holding up, and indeed with the way I am holding up.  He said that my "films [X-rays] have been incredible.  God, do I have to tell you that you're perfect?"  That was a lovely albeit unlikely compliment that day.  I never expected to be complimented on how I look in X-rays.  It's a handy thing to look good in, considering they see right through the sweatpants and baldness.

Today has been a medically busy day.  This morning I had my blood drawn, then radiation, then chemotherapy (triple-dose herceptin).  I reported to Dr. Oncologist about my epic and ongoing head cold, which resulted in a CT scan this afternoon to determine the magnitude to the probable sinus infection. In an hour I'll head back over for the second dose of radiation, and while I'm at the clinic I'll pop up to get the CT scan results from Dr. O.  I wonder if I look as fantastic in CT scans as I do in X-rays.  Maybe X-rays are more my "color".

It was a nice holiday weekend for me and the family.  The girls really enjoyed their Easter baskets and spending time with the extended family.  My dad rented a log splitter for the weekend, and so many of my relatives participated in seven hours of log splitting (aka earned their dinner).  It was certainly a new twist on the idea of "breaking bread together"--breaking logs together.  The amount of work accomplished was inspiring; maybe I'll host Easter next year and everyone can build me a garage.  Despite my teases, it was indeed a lovely day to be outside, and I'm sure we'll all contribute to the burning of the logs that were split.  Also, it was great to have the chance to "give back" to my dad, who has done so much, for so many, for so long.  Love you, dad.                        


  1. Sorry I couldn't be there with you guys this morning :( I hope the support from Ry and Hil was helpful in getting through today's treatment. You are still an inspiration to me everyday! The sun is out now downtown Des Moines, I hope the same is true in Ames! xoxoxox

  2. Next thing you know, we're going to see your x-rays showing up all over the web . . . . which will be a huge embarrassment to you when you want to run for president in 2032!!!

  3. Can't you post a copy of those sexy x-rays. Why should Dr. Rad get all the fun. I guess he is saving your life. Fine!

    Hang in there darling! Hope your sinuses feel better soon!

  4. We've all known it, and now it's proven...Beautiful on the inside and out!!

  5. To all your health care professionals who follow your blog...I would like to say thank you.

    The x-rays remind me of a story. Did you hear about the invisible man who married the invisible woman? Their children were nothing to look at either.

  6. Clearly HK gets her sense of humor from Moose. I just told my class the invisible man joke.


    I might still be laughing.

    xoxoxo! B.