Friday, February 28, 2014

A few good results!

Oh man, I am so exhausted from my errands!

At the end of my day, Dr. Oncologist tacked on a brief appointment with her.  She said she couldn't go without seeing me.  It was great to touch base with her, in person, for the first time since receiving the preliminary pathological results last night.

The bonus was that she had the results of some of my scans:  there does not appear to be any cancer in my bones (huzzah!) and my brain is also "unremarkable" (I beg to differ, but huzzah for no cancer!).  There are more data to come, regarding whether cancer cells are in my blood and whether cancer cells have taken up shop in my internal organs.  A blood test and a PET scan, respectively, will provide those data.  I gave the blood sample today, and the PET scan will be on Monday at 8 am.

Intriguingly, she has not yet concluded that the cancer is inflammatory breast cancer (IBC; what I had before), either new or recurrent.  Clearly we need to wait for the breast biopsy results to make any conclusions, but I had already been assuming that it is IBC.  That is because the current lump feels EXACTLY like the beginning of my previous bout with IBC.  I am very interested in the notion that it could be something different, perhaps even a "normal" cancer that is not as bad as IBC.

I am trying not to get my hopes up for a different cancer, but it is hard because it feels so good to end the day with hope.  Also, I don't even know what I'm hoping for.  Mastectomy before chemo instead of after?  Different chemo that turns my hair curly instead of straight?  Once daily radiation for 5 weeks instead of twice daily for 3?  I lack information to make clear hopes, but I know that I don't want IBC, and I don't know of the worse things that I should be hoping against.  

In summary, the cancer is not in my bones.  It's not in my brains.  And I will use my healthy-brain mind powers to quarantine the cancer until Western medicine has caught up to me.    


  1. Victories large and small are what we need to make this cancer fall. Two HUGE victories today!

    Thinking about you every other thought, HK. Sample from today's report:

    The Heather soil Heather vapor Heather extraction Heather system...

    You get the idea. Love you.


  2. Excellent excellent news today...HOORAY!

  3. Good news sis. Fingers crossed for more :-)

  4. Two big steps towards beating this! This is good, now lets get through Monday.

  5. That is great news. It is those rays of hope and promise that carried you through the first fight and they will work their magic once again thanks to your indominal spirit and powerful support group. Sleep well my princess.

  6. To Holly - good job figuring out how to avoid the "anonymous" post. :)

  7. You shine through once again with determination...and full throttle spirit.

    P.S., I love 'Dad'

  8. I finally got caught up on all the posts... although I found out on Friday that there was bad news when I ran into Torey and Sandra at daycare. I spent a good 20 minutes in the shower cursing cancer today... but happy to hear bones and brain are 'unremarkable"... made me laugh! Love you Heather... the girls keep asking to play with yours, so ANYTIME!!!