Thursday, March 6, 2014

A bit of sentimental silliness

Right arm

You are long
You are strong
You are my right arm, right arm

Tickling baby's backs as they fall asleep
Reaching the unreachable on high shelves
Cradling the left arm after surgery

You are my right arm

Now you have made a sacrifice for me
You have a line piercing your underbelly
Running up up up around the shoulder
Yet I am not to favor you at all
I am to treat you like nothing has changed

Right arm

I am sorry that this happened to you
Thank you for what you are doing for me
You will always be my right arm, right arm


  1. I little sentimental silliness is called for. Breaks the tension a bit. I'll be thinking kind and gently thoughts for your lovely right arm. It will serve you well!

  2. I agree on all counts, Andi. :)

  3. BTW, everyone, I'm on track for chemotherapy to start tomorrow.

  4. Fantastic. It sounds like a good ol' dependable arm. That's the kind of arm I'd like to have on my side.

  5. Doctors who move at warp speed... Awwwesome! Kicking cancer's ass chemotherapy.... Spectacular! Right arm carrying pick line.... Priceless! ;)

  6. Team Heather.....GO!
    Get er dun

  7. Some girls prefer love and support

  8. Go go go! Deeann and I love you and give you the force!
    "Try not.!" - Yoda

  9. I will tickle for you, I will reach for you, I will cradle for you. My right arm is here for you. I am here for you. We are here for you.

    1. We will create a platoon of right arms to step up for you Heather. So many of my prayers and wishes have been that we could trade places. But, since wishes and prayers are best backed up by science and action, I will be here to help - admiring your bravery and strength while trying to be helpful. Love you, your right arm, and your beautiful family to the moon and back.

  10. Go Southpaw for awhile. Left arm, left arm. Help out right arm, right arm. Love