Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Booby traps!

I'm pretty sure I'm feeling better today.  I feel so far from myself that it is difficult to evaluate.  I have a package of saltine crackers on my lap to help me get through this blog post.  Nausea has been a primary enemy, second only to fatigue.  Bone-crushing fatigue.

This morning a new, spirit-crushing enemy was revealed:  magazine articles about people dying of cancer have infiltrated my home!  I was working hard to eat some cereal and decided to flip through an issue of Glamour that someone brought over for me.  I wasn't even LOOKING at it and before I knew it there was an article about this guy dying from cancer.  It was written by his wife and mother of his 3-year-old son.  !  The cancer had moved to his spine and and and ahhhhhh where did those lipstick pages go?  I tossed it aside and reached for a local magazine.  This magazine is mostly advertisements, so I thought I was safe.  Wrong!  Lurking behind the glossy automobile ad was a one-page article about the happy memories this girl had of exercising with her dad before he died of colon cancer.  !

Needless to say, the OC made a sweep of the house and threw out all magazines.

This was not a good way to start the day, but thanks to the OC I am turning it around.  We have a Cuban Jazz Combo station playing on Spotify.  I got out my yoga mat and did some stretching.  I opened the computer for the first time in several days.  I have caught up on reading all of the delightful comments from you all.  Now I am tired.  Cancer-fighting is exhausting!

ps When I am done with this cancer fight, please remind me to write a different kind of magazine article and submit it to Glamour.  


  1. I've known for years that Glamour was not to be trusted to reside in any home. Now I know the ad industry publications . . . . ditto. I am SO glad you guys don't get cable. You're doing great, you are amazing!

  2. I was just wondering the other day if Glamour was still around because I used to like the section where they showed horribly dressed people. Boo on the booby traps! It's poorly dressed, unsuspecting women minding their own business and being photographed without their consent OR NOTHING! I love you Heather. You are unbeatable!

  3. Between you and me Beak, I have had enough of the boobies trapping thing. Trying to get ahold of MacGruber to make and IED that cancer can suck on.....and then...kaaaablooey. I know you have MacGruber in your head now. Thank you.