Thursday, June 12, 2014

Getting my fight back

My neutrophils are just over 1000!  That means I am no longer neutropenic and will be able to attend my own party on Saturday.  Huzzah!  I still have far fewer neutrophils than a normal person, however, so we'll all still be careful and stick to eye hugs.  

My platelets are up quite a bit, but my hemoglobin has not yet improved.  This is continues to cause weakness and dizziness, but with all of the other healing going on in my body I feel better nonetheless.

The other great part about not being neutropenic is that I can quit taking the prophylactic antibiotics.  This will lead to further gut improvements, and hopefully solve my liver function issue.  Yesterday's blood testing revealed that my AST and ALT levels are still elevated.  Dr. Oncologist doesn't like this because one of the many things that could cause this is liver cancer.  She therefore signed me up for an abdomen CT scan for next Wednesday at 3:30, despite the fact that there are numerous benign causes of elevated AST and ALT.  One benign potential cause is one of the antibiotics that I've been taking, as I pointed out in my previous post and to my oncologist.  I feel that this is a very real variable to consider because the timing of antibiotic (levoquin) administration perfectly corresponds with my liver function results.  Given these data, I requested a bonus blood test to occur the day before the CT scan.  This will give my body a full week off of levoquin, during which my liver functions could return to normal.  If this occurs we'll cancel the scan and save some stress and money.  Huzzah for employing the scientific method in my care!

At the end of the appointment yesterday Dr. O told me to gain some weight, keep going on walks, and get my fight back so that I'm ready for the last FEC round next Friday.  I love this notion of getting my fight back.  That is indeed what it feels like I need to do.  It's a challenge because I am starting at rock-bottom and I don't have much time to do it, but I know I can.  Quiche and dancing, quiche and dancing, quiche and dancing.

I had a special rest time today.  While I was resting, someone came to my house and gave me something.  It's a surprise for the party, but here's a preview:

Ooo it's so pretty!  I'm so excited!


  1. Heather Allen - kickin' butt and takin' names!

  2. Quiche and dancing sounds like a completely Heather-style method of recovery. I really am quite displeased with your neutrophils and how they are behaving, I will step up my encouraging thought waves (again, as a professional neutrophil wrangler I feel like this is my special job.:) Thinking of you with lots of love and sending you thought hugs, I hope your part is super extra wonderfully fantastic!!

  3. The henna was so lovely on your beautiful head!!!

  4. With all your positive energy, I feel as though you would be an awesome oncologist.