Tuesday, October 28, 2014


My scar is pretty much sealed up now, with only about an inch of a deep scab remaining to fall off.  The itching has transitioned from obtrusive rashes to a healing twinges.  I have resumed my weekly yoga class, and I already have better range of motion in my right arm (surgified 7 weeks ago) than my left arm (surgified and irradiated 3.5 years ago).  I daresay I'm healed.  Efforts to improve strength and energy will now be the focus of my meditations.  

Being physically healed has cleared the way for the next phase of healing, and that is the mental healing.  Interestingly, adjusting to my breastless state has been much quicker and easier than my previous adjustment to having a single breast.  I think that there are at least two reasons for this.  First of all, I'm experienced in dealing with the emotional trauma that comes with losing a body part.  Going through that loss a second time has been much less traumatic.  Secondly, adjusting to my new body shape this time around is much less complicated than it was the first time.  This has to do with the issue of symmetry.  I spent a lot of time struggling with asymmetry after the first surgery, both psychologically and when shopping for clothes.  The second mastectomy has returned me to a symmetric state, which I find suits my self-image.  Perhaps I look oddly flat-chested to other people, but to me, I'm symmetric with no breast cancer.   That look suits me.    

Throughout this first phase of healing it has been important to wear loose clothing that doesn't constrict or pinch any parts of me.  We want to ensure that the blood can flow to and lymph can drain from the sites of healing.  Now that I'm past the itching and swelling, I can explore my options for undergarments.  Clearly I don't need a bra, but some sort of torso-covering undergarment provides both warmth and comfort.  

My friend J recently sent me an article about breast cancer survivors who started businesses to help fellow cancer patients and survivors, and one of the businesses sells appealing undergarments to women whose chests have been modified by cancer treatment.  There probably was a time when I would have thought this sort of thing unnecessary ("Why not just wear camisoles? They are cheaper and cover more area," I may have said), but now that I am in this situation I am excited to have found someone who is actively creating a resource for people like me.  Perhaps with a bit more shopping I'll decide that I don't actually need something necessarily bra-like, but a person does like to have options.

Speaking of options, I still have the prosthesis that I received after my first surgery.  I think it's under my bed or something.  I only wore it a handful of times.  Soon I will be sufficiently healed to get a prosthesis for the other side, and then I will have yet another option for optimizing symmetry and self-image.  

Finally, on a lighter note, guess who surprised me for my birthday on Friday?  
Surprise!  Happy birthday to me!  Look how symmetric we are--there are two of each!
All of my beautiful siblings!  Even Ryan, who flew in from Seattle for the surprise.  I have the best family ever.  I love you guys.

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