Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The gamma-irradiator

This morning I was injected with technitium, a human-made radioactive element situated between molybdenum and ruthenium on the periodic table.  The technitium is attached to phosporus, and now it will incubate in my system for 3 hours.  Like the PET scan, the idea is that the technitium will concentrate in areas of my bones that are over-active, such as cancerous bone cells. 

I also had the idea to tally my pokes.  This game might get old or depressing, but right now it sounds like fun.  What body part do you think will have had the most needle pokes by the time this is all said and done?

Current tally
Left breast:  1
Left arm:  2
Right arm:  3

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  1. I definitely referred to the periodic table up in my cubicle when I read this post. One of the many reasons I love you, Heather. Thank you for sharing all of this. I feel like you're in the room telling me about it and that is awesome.