Wednesday, October 27, 2010

VicoDO or VicoDON'T

Dinner:  lettuce salad with avocado and cucumber with balsamic and olive oil, two pieces of cold pizza, an orange, a glass of milk, a homemade chocolate chip cookie, and water water water.

Activities:  cuddle with Eleanor on the couch, try and fail to play a game with Azalea, watch part of an old-school episode of SNL (hosted by Calista Flockhart with musical guest Ricky Martin, YES), read, discuss books with the lovely Statia, help put jammies on the little nuggets.   

Mood:  I'm told that I am looking and acting better than I was when I got home at 2:30.  That's good.  However, my brain feels fuzzier and my "port" hurts more.  I'm tired, but not sleepy.  I am currently wrestling with whether or not I want to take a vicodin to ease the discomfort, but maybe extra-strength tylenol will suffice?  I'm a tough-it-out sort of girl with few vices:  I took no drugs during childbirth, but I do love a good alcoholic beverage once in awhile, as many of you can attest to (insert favorite hbomb memory here).   

The vicodin awaits, lurking in a white pharmacy bag on the dining room table, preying on my fear of what tomorrow will bring.       


  1. Heather -

    Dale shared with us your medical condition. We are humbled by how life can change in an instant. Our thoughts are with you and your family. May you be able to look back a year from now as a survivor. No other way to put it than cancer sucks!

    Nate and Donita

  2. Heather, you take that Vicodin if you need it! You are the toughest lady on the block, no bones about it. And no one is ever going to doubt that - I mean those kiddos were nearly 9 pounds a piece...Love your sense of humor in all this. You are awesome.

  3. Don't until you do? It is very impressive that you've vicoDON'Ted (I had to use that term) for this long, but there is no shame in taking it to feel more comfortable and sleep better after the day/week you've had.

    I hope you get some good rest the next few days. I've been thinking about you daily, and I always look forward to hearing your fresh perspective on the days events. You're excellent at the art of blogging.

  4. Loved this post.
    You must be related to the Beckster (Becky).
    You have the same wittiness.
    Rest easy these next few days. It is ok to cry, but when you're done be ready to kick arse.
    And when you wake up in the morning tell yourself it's going to be a good day tell your chemo to do it's job.
    Proclaim it girl!

  5. First time drinker: that's all I have to say.