Monday, October 25, 2010

Radioactive knockers

A PET scan is no big deal, and although I haven't seen the pictures yet I'm confident that the result is pretty cool.   Here's what went down:  I had to fast for 4 hours before the procedure so that my blood sugar was nice and low.  Then I was injected with radioactive fluorine that is attached to glucose (sugar), at which point it was clear that the purpose of the fast was to decrease the background glucose in my system.  I had to rest for 1 hour while the hot sugar (chemically speaking) meandered around my body.  Cancer cells apparently metabolize sugar 19 times faster than regular cells, so the cancer cells should concentrate the radioactivity.  After said hour I laid on a mini conveyor belt and scooted into a tube.  This tube was stubbier and had a more generous opening than the MRI tube, and apparently its job is to scan for the radioactivity in my body.  After only 15 minutes of scooting, it was all done.  I'm pretty excited to see the images, despite the results.  And as the title of this post indicates, I fully expect at least one knocker to be glowing.

Aunt Jacque was here today, and my sister Hilary and her 6-mo-old baby boy are here tonight.  It's been a fun cousin party.  Hopefully we can keep up the atmosphere really helps!  I'm pretty dang nervous, but my brother Ryan doesn't know what on earth for because tomorrow doesn't change anything.  I suppose he's right, but it's easier for me if I make tomorrow the target of my dread instead of the nebulous hours of cancer fighting.


  1. You keep yourself positive Heather girl! Start telling you white bloodcells to kick in and pick it up. Pray and believe and ask that God will show those little guys the way and that he is steering the wheel of your doctors ship. There are lot people you don't know who are praying and having faith right along with you.
    God bless! Lean on your family and friends they love you.

  2. Hi Heather, I'm Dr. Partridge's wife Megan. Your story is very touching so I hope you don't mind me following you! I loved your "30 years without bacon and all I got was cancer" title. You seem like a doll and I would like to keep you and your family in my prayers!

    Feel free to stop by my blog