Saturday, February 12, 2011

The blanket

I don't remember the first time I made a blanket, specifically an afghan, for someone's wedding.  The first one I remembered to photograph was for Amanda and Alex (2006), and it remains one of my favorites:
I know I made one for Mallary and Doc in 2004, but I don't think that that was my first wedding afghan, either.  My latest wedding blanket is for my sister Holly and hubbie Kyle, who got married in September (this is only my second knitted afghan):

Why do I make afghans for people's weddings?  It started out being something thoughtful and unique, but at Mallary and Doc's wedding I learned about a Native American tradition called the Blanket Ceremony.  After the spiritual leader blesses the couple, relatives drape a blanket around the couple to represent their new ways of "happiness, fulfillment, and peace".  My understanding is that this blanket is often white, but I have clearly chosen not to adopt that aspect of the ceremony.  Nor do I insist that relatives envelope the couple in my afghan.  I just create an afghan in the image of the couple and hope that it brings them happiness, fulfillment, and peace.  I'm additionally hoping that finishing Holly and Kyle's blanket on my last hard chemo day brings some extra pizazz to their marriage.

On a related note, I was recently the recipient of a most touching mini-quilt.  My friend Christine made it for me, and its pink carnation geometry seems to channel all of the positive thoughts that everyone is sending to my family and me.  I hope you don't mind that I am showcasing it here, C, but it is just so lovely.  I am going to hang it by my nightstand, possibly forever.    


  1. Your latest afghan is awesome! Sure to bless the newlyweds with all the pizazz they will ever need!

  2. Really love Holly & Kyle's afghan! You do excellent work!!! My fav afghan was made by your Mama, a watermelon theme she made up because she knew how much I like watermelon things! Sooooo happy to hear you are through the last hard chemo! Just in time for beautiful Iowa weather!!! Luv Ya! ~Patti

  3. Horray! We love our afghan and matching pillows, I am still in awe of your talent.

  4. Delighted to see the carnation quilt in such beautiful company, but for the record I was at best a partial designer of it--the stitchery is all Cindy B's. I love your interpretation of its pink lines, and send more positive thoughts to channel. So glad you are through with the hard drugs. Onward and upward!