Monday, February 21, 2011

Roller coaster

It has been quite an emotional weekend, and I'm sure you have been on the emotional roller coaster with me.  The good news is that today is good.  I'm finally listening to myself when I tell myself to chillax.  We don't have enough information to justify a freak-out, although the lack of information only fuels the freak-out for an active and creative mind such as my own.  Today is a government holiday, so although I had been looking forward to going to work I thought that being there alone would be toxic to my positive attitude.  Instead, it's project day:

-Ian and Azalea visited a pre-pre-school (aka daycare) and got both girls on the waiting list for this fall.
-Eleanor and I played with some favorite friends at our house, hosting a water tea party for distinguished guests (example at right)
-We started our garden, planting tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, basil, and onions from seed.  We will nurture them indoors for several weeks before transplanting them to the real garden.
-We put away laundry
-I am cleaning the clutter from table tops, after I finish this post
-Ian is on a diaper errand
-Later we will go to the library to get some books on tape for our drive tomorrow.  The drive is only 2ish hours but we will likely secure 8+ hours of material because it is too hard to choose just one book.

See?  Plenty of delightful distractions.  Oh, and I have to walk over to the Dr.'s office to pick up my records.  

Just so you all know, tomorrow will likely be an information transfer day, and possibly a procedure scheduling day, but it is unlikely that I will have any procedures tomorrow.  My platelets are super low (56 on Friday), so it will probably be a few days (at least) before anyone wants to biopsy or otherwise cut me.  We just have to wait for my bone marrow to crank out some more platelets.  I'm hoping it doesn't take TOO long, because with this T9 back bone scare I am positively ITCHING to be rid of these breasts.  I feel like I am adhered to two death stars, two timebombs, two leaching toxic waste tanks.  I'm eager to be rid of them and to start radiating the premises.  Funny how a metastasis scare has wiped out any remaining sentimentality I felt towards my breasts.

Speaking of's a live performance of the song Timebomb (by the Old 97's).  It's not the greatest quality, but it was recorded at the Triple Door in Seattle and I have a soft spot for the Triple Door because my brother and I saw a show there in August.  This one's for you, Rose and Valentine, my fellow Rhett Miller and the Old 97's lovers.  I see they are playing in Omaha on March 31st...perhaps there is a road trip in my future.  


  1. Thanks for the post! I have been questioning Mom all morning :)

  2. Good luck tomorrow. Look at the bright side of low platelets, you probably don't have to worry about a stroke :)

  3. Good luck tomorrow! We'll all be waiting to hear the updates!

  4. I've been thinking about you all day. I love the tea party idea! I will have to bust that out with the boys. Love you.

  5. We went to the library today too! If only we could go to Masala with you tomorrow :)

  6. Dear Dear Heather:
    Please know what a brilliant, caring blogger you are! True to your first born status--you are taking care of the rest of us at such at time! Know you have the love and support of many, many followers.

    Love from Martha's MOM

  7. Hey you - I've been reading some reassuring things about treatments for metastatic cancer. There are a lot of treatments out there with a lot of success and so much more information available on this than the IBC. I'm glad you were able to relax with the family today. I am thinking about you.

  8. Still enamored by your strength! Keep on truckin on! Love, S&R

  9. The cutest tea party ever! I do hope you can get some Masala on your venture into Iowa City. I'll be thinking of you.

  10. Your positive spirit rocks my socks off.


  11. Oh H-bomb, you are in my heart so much lately. I'm sending you lots of love!!!!!!

  12. Heather, if you road trip to the Old 97's show, I'm sure Rhett will find himself locking eyes with the fetching bald woman in the audience!

    Sending best thoughts towards you & your beautiful family. In yoga class they always tell you to recognize when worries aren't serving you and to let them go. I find this more difficult to do than any of the pretzel poses...and I don't have cancer on my mind :-/