Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I definitely crawled over the radiation finish line today.  The lovely radiation technicians made me a certificate, and a hospital volunteer offered to buy me a root beer, but I don't feel celebratory at all.  Maybe it hasn't sunk in yet, and maybe tomorrow I'll be excited about it when I don't have to start my day with some zaps.  But I just feel so crummy.  Believe me, I'll celebrate at some point, in true hbomb style.  It's just that this girl typing on her cancer blog does not feel like the hbomb.

The brief report is that my chest wall is like the worst sunburn ever, and it'll actually peak in awfulness one week from today.  When I touch it, I get nauseous.  My throat hurts, mostly from the radiation but I have a new bonus throat pain from a change in the sinus infection.  This bonus pain shoots up into my ears.  That makes me nauseous, too.  My sinuses are improving but are still a bit plugged up, and the drainage is gross.  Finally, I'm tired.  So tired.  I took a 4-hour nap today.

That's enough of that.

I have two bright sides to share with you.  First, I have discovered the delights that are homemade smoothies.  I just use fruit, a tiny bit of sorbet, and water.  I'm keeping it simple because I'm trying to use them to stay hydrated, since drinking water is so painful.  My favorite so far is 1 c. water, 3/4 c. frozen blueberries, and 1/4 c. mango sorbet.  I can always add yogurt or powdered milk if I need more calories, but right now hydration is my biggest challenge.

Bright side number two is my awesome family.  Apparently I sounded pitiful in my last blog post because my sister, dad, and step-mom all converged on my house last night to help out.  It was fantastic to have all of that in-person support.  Unfortunately, I had no idea what they could do for me.  I just needed to take my meds, wash my sinuses, and sleep.  But I suppose that them being here to lift my spirits was the best help of all.

Time to get back to the resting.      


  1. Woohoo! You did it! I am so proud of you!

    I know you don't feel like celebrating. Crawling is just fine for now. We'll still be here when you're ready for a Huzzah.

    It is scary to feel so low. Especially for someone who is so relentlessly positive. You will feel like Hbomb again. I promise.

    Love you so much!

  2. Well precious girl this D#$%^n chapter is over. Now it's time to rest and get better. I am glad you found something you could drink!!!! I just finished the Henrietta book and recommend it to all as well. It helps to see how far we have come with this cancer thing!!! I LOVE you baby girl.

  3. Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying "I will try again tomorrow." - Mary Anne Radmacher

    I saw this on an Email from your cousin Becky. It seems perfect for right now. You will roar again soon and party like a crazy woman!!!

  4. Do your feet feel as silky as my hands? XXOOXX

  5. Rest away, H-bomb...once you're back on your feet we'll Huzzah for you strenuously indeed. We'll also fill you in on what you may have missed these past few days while you were sleeping...and crawling...and nasally draining (ew):

    - There was a wedding. It involved hats.
    - The EU has achieved full status at the UN. I KNOW RIGHT?
    - The US is one week away from passing the federal debt limit (sell your bonds now, kids!)
    - There was an election in Canada. The Quebec separatists bit it. Hard. (insert impression of that French chef from The Little Mermaid here.)
    - oh, hey, remember that jerk who ruined 2001 for everyone? What was his name? Anyway, uh, yeah, so he's gone.
    - let me repeat: YOU FINISHED RADIATION!

  6. Now you know how my head feels every time I spend too much time (more than 5 minutes) in the sun without a hat :)

  7. Walking, crawling, sliding, rolling, running...I don't think it matters --

    All that matters is that you finished!

    So, so happy and proud, girl!


    PS - I'm joining the Huzzah party when it goes down!

  8. I concur with Beck. "Crossing" is the optimium word here :
    1. The action of moving across or over something: "the crossing of the Pyrenees".

    As far as we're concerned, you just crossed the Pyrenees and it doesn't matter how :)

  9. Don't forget slushys from Dairy Queen :) If you need one again I can deliver! It was so nice to see Cinderella and Eleanor Monday night! You know where I am if you need anything. Love you so much!

  10. Way to Go Heather!
    You are done with that phase - and I hope if/when the pain does peak next week, that your sinus infection will be better and you only have to focus on one issue. Please rest up. And have a LOVELY MOTHER'S DAY this weekend. If the thought of spending your day with the two brightest stars doesn't keep you going, then I can't think what else will help you.

    And whenever this Huzzah party is going down, I want to be invited!

    Did you pick out a snow-globe?

  11. Hey Hilary - thanks for English lesson, Mr. Waldron would be proud! :)

    Keep resting HK, now you'll start to gain strength like a snowball rollng down Booneville Road. Remember..help is only a text away. xoxoxo

  12. I can't wait for you to start feeling better, Heather! But you crossed that finish line, and we are so proud of you!

  13. Well done, my dear. Well done.