Monday, May 9, 2011

Ms. Brightside

  • Those cancer cells are going to be super dead by the time they get two more days, or four more doses, of both photon AND electron radiation.
  • I'll get to celebrate finishing radiation a second time, which is super because I biffed the celebration the first time.
  • Ian and I are going to Iowa City tomorrow for a surgical follow-up appointment, so I don't have to resume radiation tomorrow.
  • It shouldn't be a problem to eat smoothies for an extra week or so because I'm not yet tired of them and they are quite good for me.  
  • It's a good thing I'm on antibiotic, anti-fungal, and antihistamine drugs since my immune system will need help for a wee bit longer and one of my kids is coming down with something.  
  • The sun has been out for several days, warming our garden and our spirits, and hopefully drying up the last of the winter cold viruses.
  • My hair is so plentiful that I resumed using conditioner and I haven't worn a scarf or hat in three days.
  • It's still short enough that when the wind blows my hair, I don't have to worry about it getting messed up.
  • I have a ton of people helping me and supporting me, no matter how long it takes to beat this crap.        


  1. * too much radiation could make you glow in the dark - careful
    * you do have tons of people supporting you - and we love supporting you
    * you are getting to do research experiments with antibiotics first hand
    * you are rockin' a fabulous do
    * xxooxx

  2. OMG - the security word I had to type in for my last post was "8 o'clock" Wild! See you at 8 o'clock tomorrow!

  3. Heather,

    sorry to hear that radiation isn't quite over but you never cease to amaze with your ability to stay strong and positive. Guess I owe you a second bouquet of flowers for your second 'finishing of treatment' celebration ;)


  4. Just 4 four zaps, you can do that with your eye's closed :)

  5. Check you out, Sunshine! You're all up in the positive today.

    The sun is rocking the world of my plants. My zinnias are coming up. I'm so excited to see what they look like!

    How are the nerves in your arm? Getting any better?

    Saw the radiation pictures - your hair IS getting long!!! So great!!!!

    Finishing radiation again only means that we get to have a second radiation paaaaaarrrrr-taaaaaay. You know what that means - if my dad was around, he'd yell BOOOOOOOOOOO YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH really loud. :)

    Love, love, love,


  6. What? You missed the opportunity to celebrate the end of the first round? That doesn't sound like you.

    Does that mean you didn't pick out a snow-globe yet? "Santa" had gotten a mini-globe for Matt, complete with alternating LED lights highlighting the sock monkey inside. Matt has an unusual fear of sock monkeys, so I thought it was hilarious when he found it in his Christmas stocking this year. Santa can be so cruel at times. I am sure that Matt would be willing to part with it if you would like to donate it.

    Hoping to hear a good report from today's trip to Iowa City. If you would like another chaperone for radiation, let me know!

  7. Another brightside...a blog post like that can only be met with some audio joy:

  8. Oh - one more - Lauren and Jason and I spent New Year's 2004-05 with this, um, lady? Perhaps the most ridiculous thing on the internet, now with translation. From Russia with love.

  9. Heather,I'm very glad to hear that you are feeling better. I'll look forward to your second finising of radiation post! I hope you feel up to really celebrating this time!

  10. OMG! More radiation sounds not so great - but yes, those cancer cells are going to be super dead for it! Just so you know, bright-sided, dark-sided (using the force, not using the force...), I always want to hear what you have to say. I am glad your treatment will soon be over and can't wait for you to start feeling better. I have an idea for a smoothie if you need lots of calories, protein, calcium, and deliciousness:

    6 oz (or so) ricotta cheese
    4 oz melted milk chocolate
    raspberries (as much as you want)
    milk (for desired thinness, otherwise it is good pudding)

    Blend it all together. For a pudding without the milk, refrigerate for 2 hours.

    Do it! I love you!