Monday, June 20, 2011


Don't tell Dr. Oncologist, but this sinus infection is not going away.  I am halfway through a three-week course of a new antibiotic.  I have been diligent about washing my sinuses every night.  And on Friday, I resumed taking generic Claritin D, to dry things out.  But my sinuses are slowly building in pressure where they should be dissipating, and draining where they should be drying.  Drat.  Bilateral drat.  

Oooo I hate taking Claritin D, generic or not.  When combined with the antibiotic and antifungal drugs that I am also taking to combat said sinus infection, it makes my head fluffy.  This is probably the result of the drug cocktail created in my system, because each discrete pill claims that it could cause drowsiness.  Overall I wouldn't describe my primary side-effect as drowsy, but that is certainly playing a role.  I would define a new side-effect called fluffiness.  They should put that on the bottle:  "may cause fluffiness of the mind".   I can initiate thoughts, but I have trouble finishing them.  My attention span is a fraction of what it should be.  The worst part is that I'm sufficiently coherent to recognize this failure to close my own gaps in my own thoughts, and it is exceedingly frustrating.  I am channeling patience from elsewhere, as mine is wearing thin.  

After this is over I think I'll burn my pill box, with my bras.  Except for my nice bras.  Someone really should adopt them.   

Speaking of fluffy things and adopting things, our neighbor offered us a kitten.  A white kitten.  It is probably very cute and fluffy.  This is the closest we have come to getting a cat, but I think we're going to remain pet-free for awhile longer.  Cats are a practical pet in terms of their independence, but the whole pooping-in-the-house thing doesn't do much for Ian or me.  The plan is to hold out and get a dog in a few years.  We shall see.  I do enjoy a good cat cuddle once in awhile.  

You know what else is fluffy?  A certain pillow on a certain bed, just upstairs from where I am right now.  I think I should go check it out.  

I really ought to quit doing blog posts so late in my day.  I'm sure the multifaceted drowsiness is affecting the quality.                       

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  1. How about blasting some radio waves into those sinus cavities? Something to show them that this is enough!!! Sounds like that technology is not available yet - we may have to resort to reflexology tonight - I'll go get my book . . .