Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Predicted victories

Perhaps all of the campers should evacuate Camp Allen, what with all of the wildfires springing from our camp.  Wildfires of gossip, that is.  Can't a girl take a nap before writing a blog post anymore?  :)

Indeed it is as Holly commented:  Dr. Oncologist is not concerned about the 7mm lung nodule, and her preferred course of action is to "watch it".  She said it is too small to biopsy, too dim to think it's cancer, and therefore too insignificant to worry about it yet.  Huzzah, huzzah!  Also, she was positively beaming with the news that the T9 vertebral body in my spine is no longer glowing; it doesn't matter why, and we'll never know anyway.  The morning took a slight downturn when she told me that if I have one more sinus infection she's going to send me to Dr. Ear Nose and Throat to drain my sinuses.  This involves spelunking in my sinuses and poking holes to make more drainage routes.  Ugh!  That sounds positively awful, and I'm not convinced that that's necessary.  Even if my sinuses were riddled with holes, couldn't an infection still set up shop up there?  The problem is my po-dunk immune system, right?  We shall see.

In the meantime, it's time for Operation:  Sinus Storm.  I am upping the antibiotic anti and switching to avelox (a fluoroquinolone) instead of augmentin.  I am taking claritin to dry out the sinuses and flushing them every night with a saline solution to.  After the eradication of the current sinus infection, I will adopt a daily prophylactic sinus wash regimen and wear a face mask the next time the kid(s) are sick.  My goal is to prevent the need for sinus surgery.  Oh, yea, and to reclaim my health at last.  I will be victorious!  

As alluded to, I already took one nap on this easy-chemo day.  That herceptin, I tell you what, I can hardly keep my eyes open on the walk home from the clinic.  I must have extra Her2 receptors on my brain because the herceptin seems to thicken and settle right in the center of my head.  Fortunately it will be largely cleared up by tomorrow and gone by Friday for sure.

I have been receiving herceptin every third Wednesday since March, but not once have I made it between herceptin appointments without having some other appointment or ailment.  I think June is my time to shine.  I'm feeling it.  I am going to work 40 hours next week, and I am not going to get sick before my next herceptin treatment.  I will be victorious!    


  1. Wow. Emotions, and all of them good.

    Looking forward to visiting a cancer-free HK next month...although I'm a little disappointed that your fuzzy hair will soon be a distant memory.

    Somebody cue the Damn Yankees..."yesterday's just a memory, can we close the door?"

    While this 80's love ballad is in no way relevant, the answer to that rhetorical question is an emphatic YES when applied here. And it's just an awesome song in general. If I had a 1980 Chevy Cheyenne that was brown and slightly rusty, I would cruise up and down Walnut Ave with the windows down, beating on the metal door with my open palm to the bass beat. You would ride shotgun, and it would be awesome.

    Alas, it is a contingent IF scenario, so a blog post describing the truck-singing, music-blasting parade of exultation will have to suffice.

  2. No words except HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!!!!!

  3. this is TREEEEEmendous news. do you really, really understand how many of us wait for your blog, and truly CARE about your every word? Me thinks you have no real idea about how many people love you, and are pulling for you, weep with you, and rejoice with you. we aren't always vocal about it, in fact, many of us are silent....but you should be able to feel that positive karma sent your way every single day!!!!!

  4. This calls for a Huzzah AND a BOOOOO-YAH!

    So, so glad for the good news!!!


  5. Relief, relief, relief, joy, joy, joy. This is fantastic news. I am so happy. Love you and I'm thinking of taking a trip to Iowa in July. I'll see you then.

  6. Heather, I have to admit that my reaction to this news was entirely selfish. By that I mean I hope this means we still get a July visit from the ladies! Either way this is positively fantastic news. I hope the sinuses get with the program :)