Monday, June 6, 2011


This was supposed to post automatically at 7am this morning...sorry for the delay.

I have a PET scan at 9am this morning.  It is important because on my last PET scan three months ago, my T9 vertebral body (a bone in my spine) showed increased metabolic activity.  I had a biopsy taken from this bone, and although no cancer was found, they did find "atypical" cells.  This was good news because it wasn't cancer, but bad news because it wasn't nothing.  The conclusion from this exercise was to repeat the scan in 3 months.  That is today.

I suppose I am a bit worried about these results, but not as much as I could be.  You see, I have been doing so very much Living lately that I don't expect the results to wreck my life.  I think have learned how to live with the threat of continued cancer, or at least to ignore it.  There's nothing I can do about it, anyway.  And besides, Living is way more fun than worrying, especially when done on your husband's amazing patio...

And when playing with remarkable children...

And let's not forget the joy that is camping...

Sometimes the best part of Living is simply Ring Around the Rosy.


  1. Oh,man!! that just made my day. The pictures of those two little sweethearts, their video, and the simple joy shown in the photos was unbelievable.It's afternoon now and I would guess that you have the results of your scans. May they be exemplary! My thoughts, prayers, and smiles are with you. Love you lots. Aunt Andrea. P.S. Nice patio Ian.

  2. Look at that hair growing in!!!!!!

  3. That patio is amazing! As are pig tails!