Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bike date with Nori

Spending time with one of your children without other children is a rare and wonderful occurrence.  It never occurs naturally, so sometimes we just have to schedule it.  My most recent one-on-one time was a bike date with my youngest daughter, Eleanor.  I biked with Nori in tow to a nearby playground.  This playground is novel for her because it's not in walking distance and so we rarely go there.  I suppose it's a "destination" playground.

At first Eleanor asked for her sister, and I thought she might be nervous about ditching Azalea.  But as soon as she realized she was getting special Mommy time, she played intensely without any further mention of her sister.

Eleanor is a lovely, happy, easy-going child, but she has a great stink eye.  It's a scowl so deep that her eyebrows sink to her lips and you fear some great judgment is upon you.  I'm not sure what the stink eye is about in the picture below.  Perhaps it was a premonition that I was going to let her fall out of the swing.  (Only her pride was injured.)
Thankfully, the stink eye didn't last, and we buckled up to find some more fun around town.  Cheese!
We biked down to the river valley.  We decided to pause our bike ride one more time and throw some rocks in the river.  Nori loves to throw rocks into bodies of water and watch the circles grow and grow.  
I helped her choose the rocks.

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  1. So precious!!! Loved reading about your special mommy/Nori time!!