Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cancer can suck it or bite me or whatever

It's that time of year when Federal employees are evaluated for their performance.  A performance year runs from October 1 through the following September 30.  Last week I assembled all of my accomplishments and attempted accomplishments into one 3-page bullet-ed list.  At the risk of being egotistical, I am going to share a portion of this list with you.

I spent a lot of time debating whether or not to write this post.  You see, I want to share my excitement over what I was able to accomplish this year IN SPITE OF cancer.  I want to write this post and tell cancer to shove it.  I want to show the world that I am still a productive human being even though I went through this brain-killing experience.  I want to inspire future patients.  However, I don't want to be too prideful.  I want to stay on the good side of the line between self-confidence and egotism.

But at the end of the day, I'm pretty dang pleased with myself, so let's just give me this one post to gloat a little bit, please?  Thus far in 2011, my collaborators and I have 5 publications that are either published (1), accepted (2), or submitted (2).  I just submitted one of the papers today.  Wow did that feel good.
This is more than I've ever had in a single year, and it happens to be the year of the cancer.  I get all misty-eyed just thinking about the dichotomy between the above list and what I've been through.

Huzzah and boo-ya and virtual high-fives to everyone!  YES you may buy me a drink.

Cancer can suck it.


  1. That rocks. I mean Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!

    Our lab has been discussing scientific research showing that on average girls are socialized to show less pride than their male counterparts. However my dissertation (thank you very much) is showing that taking the time to savor and share about one's accomplishments is a protective against depression.

    So that is to say in my almost professional opinion bragging is excellent. So good for you! And also thank you for giving me the opportunity to do some bragging in my comment as well :)

  2. I love this so much. I can't wait for our discussion about all the interesting things you have discovered.

  3. What a fitting Rosh Hashanah post - I got a card from a friend today - but I bet it was meant for you - L'shanah tovah tikatev v'taihatem (May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year). Way to go H.K.Allen.

  4. Uh huh!
    I never adequately celebrate pubs. and i don't know why. they are such a huge accomplishment. every last one of them. and in your last year's case....every last FIVE of them. AMAZING!
    consider drink bought and cheers made:)

  5. Holy freaking cow. Biggest high five ever. Women in bizzness need to celebrate how much booty they kick in the workplace - and you, my dear, are truly leading the pack! And you are my knitting/crochet idol...which just makes you all the more awesome.


    Cancer can TOTALLY suck it. You go girl!

    xo B.

  7. Suggested theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7Hy7uAb_eU

  8. Rock on! Cancer can suck it, it's got nothing on you! This post is totally justified, you deserve a good gloat having gotten all of that done despite cancer. I know it would inspire me to read that were I coming to the blog because of having cancer.


  9. Thanks everyone, especially Martha for the justification. And Brass in Pocket is the PERFECT theme song!!!!

  10. Seriously rocking, Heather! That first author one on food additive AB effects on swine fecal microbiome sounds extra-neat.
    Good to see you the other day! Sorry if I was awkward, the ongoing saga of the missing reagents did not end well.

  11. You failed to list "super-human" under labels...