Thursday, September 22, 2011


Martha totally called me out in the comments to the previous post.  She said that she would like to see a picture of the new haircut with, well, more of the haircut in the picture.  This is not an unreasonable request.  I did not post awesome pictures of the haircut because the ones we took at the salon make me feel ridiculous.  Also, now you'll know what my hair is Supposed to look like, although I have yet to achieve this level of stylishness with my own two hands.  But at this point, what do I have to lose?

One thing of which I was previously ignorant is the issue of styling your hair around the glasses stem.  I used to just put on my glasses.  Oh no no no no, not anymore.  My stylist taught me how to use the comb to release the hair from the clutch of the stem, laying much of it gracefully over the top while leaving just enough underneath.  Ah, short hair, will I ever pass all of your lessons? 

While we are here, I will divulge that before my Herceptin therapy yesterday I got fitted for a prosthesis.  I figured even if I never wear it, I may as well get fitted for it before I lose the prescription.  The fitting was not unlike trying on shoes except that instead of taking off a shoe, I took off my shirt.  Then the nurse who works in the Cancer Center Boutique helped me chose the correct prosthesis and try on countless bras.  Choosing the prosthesis was the easy part because we just matched it to the existing breast.  But I had to try on countless bras to find the right one for the right breast, the left prosthesis, and my 30-year-old self.  See, the prosthesis requires a special bra that has a pocket in it.  I guess you can't just set the prosthesis in a normal bra or it might just leap out of there.  Because of this need for prosthesis security, these bras all seemed gigantic to me, and a far cry from my old bras.  But whatever.  It's not like I had cleavage or anything interesting before.  Besides, I'm rather enjoying the no-bra lifestyle.      

The prosthesis itself is made of silicone and is kind of cool; I will post pictures when it comes in.  The nurse had to special order it because she didn't have any small enough for me.  I always joked that my cup size was a lower-case A...turns out I wasn't far off the mark.  I am indeed less than an A, but they call that size a double-A, not a lower-case A.  So my double-A silicone breast is on order.  I wonder if you can get those through Amazon?

Poke tally

port  38  (I only have two herceptin treatments left!!!!)
right arm 12
tummy  6
left arm  6
right breast 2++
left breast  1+
superior vena cava 1
T9 vertebral body  1


  1. "The prosthesis itself is made of silicone and is kind of cool; I will post pictures when it comes in."

    Is it fair to say that's the kind of sentence you probably wouldn't have ever thought you'd write - on the Internet, no less - a year ago? Not to make you feel awkward by mentioning that - actually the opposite, I'm really continually in awe of how matter-of-factly, thoughtfully, and comprehensively you have written about your experience. Blogging is hard and you make it seem effortless.

    That being true, it just strikes me that I never imagined in Mrs. Kuiken's class that we'd be talking prosthetics one day.

    PS - haircut = good work. Hope you tipped well.

  2. Check that out!! Only two herceptin treatments to go!!!! You go girl!


  3. Regarding things I would have written a year ago: So true, Frank, so true. And you're not such a bad blogger yourself