Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I haven't been doing enough exercising lately, especially not the kind that gets my heart rate up, but the little exercise I'm doing sure is a lot of fun.  In addition to attending a yoga class once per week, the girls love to do yoga with me at home.  It's not at all meditative, it's full of interruptions, and it never lasts long, but I do get something out of it.  Endorphins released by laughter should count for something towards health and fitness, if not in the exercise category.  

Many of you have probably never done yoga before, so I thought the girls could help me show you some of the moves we know.  Here is table pose:

Here is banana pose:

And finally, triangle pose:

We can usually get in a good 10 minutes of yoga before one of us loses interest.  (Rarely is it me, but I'm not one to point fingers.)

Another fun winter exercise for the kids is a new game that Ian devised called Fitness.  Observe:

The silliest part of all of this indoor fitness is that the weather has been so mild this winter.  We are still walking to the grocery store, walking downtown, and walking to playgrounds.  But it is still quite chilly after dark, which is when most of our indoor exercise occurs.  And for our lifestyle, there is no such thing as too much exercise.


  1. In this post we see the calm, meditative yoga that slows and balances the energy . . . and the active "fitness" running and flipping exercise that induces coughing :-) All good. What a delight to see the young Yogis/Gymnasts!

  2. Seriously you guys have too much fun. You need to cut it out :) Can't handle the cuteness!