Sunday, January 15, 2012

My creative surgeon

As I was doing the dishes on Tuesday night among bouncing children, I was absently listening to NPR and caught a familiar name.  The host of Talk of Iowa was describing her upcoming show, and the guest was to be none other than Dr. Carol Scott-Conner.  That's "Dr. Surgical Oncologist"!  That's the surgeon who removed my cancerous left breast!  I have done a good job thus far of keeping my doctors anonymous, but I am willing to "out" this one in order to share her accomplishments.

She is an award-winning surgeon and instructor.  She is also very personable and genuinely seems to care about her patients, this one included.  And on top of everything, she is a writer of short stories.  Can you get any more amazing?

Follow the link above to listen to my surgeon talk about her career and her writing.


  1. Oh how funny! I caught part of this while driving! Who knew that it was none other than your surgeon, love it. Have you picked up any of her short stories by any chance? I'd love to read some of them, I really enjoyed listening to her talk on the show.

    Looking forward to seeing you at yoga this evening!


  2. I heard her read as well. Wonderful!

  3. OMG - I heard this program, too. What a wonderfully creative person!