Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mind games

PET scan is complete.  Ian and I will get the results tomorrow at 9:15.

Until then, I estimate that I will discover 4 red spots, 3 sore bones, 2 lumps, and 1 headache.  Because that's how it is in the interim between Scan and Results.  You can be as healthy as I have been for three months now, but when you're waiting for PET scan results it doesn't matter.  You rediscover all sorts of relatively normal blemishes, aches, and pains, and you wonder if they will result in suspicious spots on the PET scan.  Remember, suspicious spots on the PET scan are indicative of elevated metabolic activity, which is indicative of cancer.  

My preferred outcomes are ranked as follows:

1) No suspicious spots at all 

2) Suspicious spots that we keep tabs on until the next PET scan

3) Suspicious spot that requires a biopsy

4) Suspicious spot and biopsy that indicate cancer

I suppose you could have inferred all of that, but it was therapeutic to do the rankings. 

Now I'm off to work.  I don't have any meetings today so I think I'm going to keep the stretchy pants on.  Bold move, I know, but today I don't care.  Wearing comfy clothes might help me feel more relaxed.   


  1. Oh man. I feel so stressed out. Through all of your experiences, I have learned the time in-between in the hardest. I am pulling for the no-glow. Love you!

  2. I was going to suggest Yoga and then I wondered if that would only bring aches and pains to the forefront of your mind when you are trying to things about other things. Curious for your thoughts on this.

    1. I think yoga is a fantastic suggestion. Exert the power of the mind over the body. Plus, yoga relieves the aches and pains more often than it causes them. Besides, today's aches and pains are no doubt psychosomatic. :)

  3. My mantra for tonight: One . . .One . . .One . . .One . . .One . . .One . . .One . . .One . . .

  4. I'll be waiting for the glorious melodies from Julie Andrews. Sleep tight my darling. xxoo

  5. lots of confidence in the cancer treatments you've received, the Big Fella upstairs, and you. Tomorrow will be your good news Friday. Sorry for the stresses you must endure leading up to it. xoxoxo