Tuesday, March 20, 2012


There's a lot of gorgeous hair in this house.  And my creative outlet has been to play with it. 

This St. Patty's day weekend we drove 40 miles for a family sleepover with our old neighbors.  It was a marvelous occasion that included a treasure hunt, grilled delights, and sangria.  In honor of the tradition of greeness on St. Patty's day, we baked green bread, grilled green asparagus, and braided green yarn into our hair.  Well, the longest of our hair.  After I braided the green yarn into Azalea's hair, in three french braids, I realized that I could easily loop the braids up by tying the end of the yarn back up to the starting point of the yarn.  Pippi Longstocking was outdone, in so many ways.   

I love all things asymmetric, and I find asymmetry to be particularly cute on the wee ones.  Eleanor's St. Patty's hairdo was no exception.  Her hair is still a bit too short to manipulate into sturdy french braids, so I tried out some hair knots, twisting one near the top of her head and another behind her ear.  Ballerinas, eat your heart out.  

I too have been subjected to my own creativity.  I am thrilled to have so much hair, but I struggle to know what to do with it.  It is so heavy around my face.  It is so short and poofy.  I long for a ponytail.   But I can't have that yet and so I am spending more time playing with my hair than I have at any other time in my life, eighth grade included.  I started out by pinning back the bangs with little barrettes.  This has been going well for about a week, but I still haven't worn it like this to work.  Then tonight Azalea pointed out that I could in fact pull my hair into a few ponytails in the back of my head if I wanted to.  And so it was executed:  my first post-cancer ponytails.

I have been wearing all of this hair hardware--barrettes, bobby pins, hairties, and even a flower for a spell--all night and I must say it feels FANTASTIC to have my hair UP.  But what do you think about the look?  Could I show up to work with my hair like this?  And then what do I do with the hair around the ears? I look forward to your opinions, especially my sister Holly's since she'll be over on Thursday and can help me troubleshoot my short-hair shortcomings.


  1. Look at all that hair growth! I love both the girls' do with the asymetrical braids and knots :) So adorable. C's hair has been growing like mad and I'm itching to be able to play with it.

    As for your hair, you know MY take on it and how I think short hair rocks. But here are some ideas on styles for it:

    How about the headband look with the front bangs/ear pieces out:


    Or just twist and bobby pin some of the front:


    You need to go on Pinterest and start searching for short hair inspiration, it's addictive and informative :)

    You look lovely though no matter how you do your hair, Heather! That must be added here.


  2. Yay pony tail! I'm rocking a similar length right now and enjoy parting it on the side with 1 or 2 pretty barrettes to hold it back if necessary. :)

    1. Your hair looks fabulous, dear. It suits you very well!

  3. Hi Heather!
    This is Hayley, Lynn's daughter. My mom and I have been reading your blog since its inception and are forever impressed by your strength, intelligence, humor, and recovery! I read this post and thought I would throw out my mom's short hair shortcomings solution--a soft headband and low ponytail. Many a bike ride to the lab was taken with that hairdo, and she still swears by it:)

  4. Heather, per Hayley's comments, I am going to send you my collecton of soft headbands :-) Remember those lab days? Indeed, Hayley did design a bike-ride proof short hair style for me and i will bequeath it to you.

    1. Thank you so much, Lynn and Hayley! I am really struggling to make a headband look nice. I think it's because everything is still so uneven. Pieces that frame my face are still relatively short (<3 inches). But I'm excited to keep trying, because one day I will have success!