Friday, March 30, 2012

"I never mowed in March before"

I fear that so much discussion of weather will betray my midwestern origins, but daily I am awed by spring 2012.  Is it a heightened awareness because of the incredible transition that I made between this March and the last?  No, I don't think so.  I think something unusual is indeed in the air.

I was in the oncology waiting room today, awaiting my monthly port flush, and eavesdropping on the conversation of three 60+-years-old men.  Naturally they were discussing the weather, and one particularly sick gentlemen volunteered that in all of his years he had never mowed in March before.  That statement held a lot of weight on my young-ish ears, imagining his frail self taking on the unlikely task of mowing in general, let alone in March.  They then proceeded to discuss what in my heart of hearts I know to be true, which is the hazard of a midwestern April.  They discussed Aprils of yore:  an ice storm in the '90's, a snowstorm in the 80's, and the infamous April 9th of '73, upon which over a foot of snow was deposited overnight.  

This conversation was a helpful reminder of how special the current circumstances are.  April could wreck all of nature's hard work thus far, trashing fruit crops and ruining my favorite fragrances of May.  So let's be sure we document and enjoy the present, shall we?

I didn't get out the camera until dusk, but using the sky as back-lighting I was able to acquire a few worthy photos.           

My lilac buds, 5  weeks too early.  Tonight I noticed the first inklings of their opening, so I expect some blossoms tomorrow.    

Can you believe my good fortune?  The moon was high, thinly veiled by clouds, and  could be framed by the lilac bush.

My outdoor wine glass ("A Pearl By the River", referring to Hancher auditorium on the U of Iowa campus) on my outdoor table with my outdoor fireplace in the background.

The wind chimes made by Azalea and Eleanor, illuminated by the light of the dining room.  And again, that moon!

So much for the Ides of March...let's beware of Ice in April!


  1. Lovely post Heather. We never can tell what's in store for us . . . . I shall enjoy this weather and not fret over the predicted 88 high next week nor a possible April blizzard. (Oh, and btw - it's called a galley copy :-)

  2. My goodness, the wind chime photo is fantastic...and I say that with only the slightest bias towards the fact that my amazing nieces constructed the chimes.


  3. Yeah to the March 2012 weather! Yeah to March Madness! Yeah to Lilacs! Yeah to you Heather!

    Boooooooo to Ides of March! What a snoozefest - George Clooney you're over-rated but somehow chicks dig you anyway. Lucky you.