Tuesday, August 19, 2014

It's scheduled

Wednesday, September 10th, is the date for my second mastectomy.  I wasn't expecting to feel relieved by having this scheduled, so it comes as no surprise that I am not exactly jubilant today.  

On the plus side, that fantastic Indian restaurant my dad and I tried to hit up last time was indeed open today.  Lunch was amazing.  Huzzah for being able to taste and digest my food!

If you'll recall, Dr. Medical Oncologist was going to present my case to her institution's Tumor Board.  As luck would have it, Dr. Surgical Oncologist was present at that Tumor Board meeting and so had already spent a lot of time pondering my case before my appointment today.  She chuckled at what a lucky girl I am because all four surgical oncologists in her department were present at the meeting.  Apparently this is a rare occurrence.  This is lucky because they all weighed in, and Dr. Surgical Oncologist was able to present me with the consensus today.

Consensus:  My case falls in a medical "gray area", and the surgical oncologists will support whichever decision I make.

Well, at least we can all agree on the ambiguity of the way forward.  Huzzah for a consensus?  Bleh.

Since my diagnosis in February I have thought that the breast has to go.  This was muddled by new data brought to my attention in recent weeks, but given the "gray area" I fall back on my need for the breast to go.  Mastectomy for me.

Decision made!  And it is the right one!

At the time of mastectomy we will also do a sentinel lymph node biopsy to determine which one(s) to remove.

I thought that getting some of these things nailed down might provide a bit of relief from the turmoil, but so far it hasn't.  I'm just so tired of all of this.  I'm just so tired.  
Home stretch.  Home stretch home stretch home stretch.

I've got to get out of this funk so that I can enjoy the special day that is Friday--my ninth and final hard chemo.  15th lifetime.  That's pretty fantastic!  My dad and my friend S will be joining me.  We're going to have croissants and coffee.  It's going to be lovely.

It's all going to be lovely.  


  1. Home stretch, home stretch, home stretch!!! And yay for a party on Friday! We're going to rock that last chemo treatment! I'm also thinking that (non-alcoholic) champagne is in order. xoxo

  2. You are strength, you are peace, you are whatever you need to be whenever you need to be. And I will be wherever you need me to be on September 10 and beyond. I am a bit sorry I'll be missing your party on Friday - do have a croissant for me! Sending you love, always.

  3. I am happy for you that the decision is made and you are on a "track", though it be gray! My peaceful thoughts, feelings, and love have been sent to you constantly. One big virtual hug for you and your family...Love

  4. I love you friend! Please let me know if you and Ian would like to come to DSM for dinner on Thursday at Le Jardin, my treat!

    1. Oh I can't wait to do this, but it will have to be some other week! This week has just been so MUCH. I hope that you've had fun with restaurant week, and we'll get down there one of these days. <3

  5. Unfortunately there is uncertainty for all Cancer patients. This choice, like the ones you've made in the past, is the right choice. Soon you will be enjoying your post-cancer life again. You have been a pioneer your whole life and now as a breast cancer survivor you are inspiring others and shattering statistics with your resilience, hbomb attitude, and new drug therapies. You have cancer on the run and my money is on you.

    Continue to share your heavy burden with your wonderful SGPC friends. Time for an excerpt from "Heather's Log of the 1994 Family Vacation to Yellowstone National Park."

    Wed, Aug 10th, the 8th day.

    1:18 We're getting gas. I just finished eating 2 sandwiches. Yea! I'm sitting up front for the first time! Joy...to...the world. We're moving. Toodles!

    2.40 Our brakes aren't working properly, so we're going to a brake shop in this town, Ashton, ID. The siblings and I already visited the library. It was pitiful. Now dad is taking off the trailer/camper. We're at Buck's auto repair.

    4:00 Hello again! Here's the scoop: The brake pads were bad, so we got them fixed at Buck's. A good deal, I might add. We toured the town, talked to the people who managed the Ashton branch of True Value. That was interesting. We got a malt and left. I got an Oreo one. Mmmmm good!!! Bye now.

    4:29 These Tetons are pretty. The 3 main ones have snow on them. One juts way above all the rest. Gorgeous!

    5:19 We need a campground! Yes, it's that time again. The first one we stopped at just a few minutes ago. 28 bucks. Ouch! We're still truckin'. Our camper's marching on!

    5:33 There are cows on the highway. A mom and baby. The baby was nursing. Cool.

    1. "You have cancer on the run..." I love that, dad.

  6. I'm a-runnin'
    I'm a-runnin' from you
    'Cause you're a-chasin'
    You're a-chasin' me to
    The end of the earth
    Or the city of kingdom come