Monday, August 11, 2014


Oh my.  I sat down to write an interesting and informative post about my appointments today, but I am overcome by fatigue and a touch of nausea.  Perhaps I will have energy for a more interesting post tomorrow.  The short update is as follows:

-Dr. Pulmonary Oncologist says that my lung nodules are few and tiny.  Even he won't biopsy them now.  He's impressed with how they've responded to treatment.

-Dr. Medical Oncologist thinks that the best course of action for me is indeed a mastectomy.  This is because it seems important to eliminate the potential for new breast cancers to sprout, more important than the risk of metastatic cancer getting worse.  She also thinks that I should remain on herceptin and pertuzumab (the anti-Her2 therapies) indefinitely.  Aka, for the rest of my life.  This will suppress the metastatic cancers and prevent new cancers from developing.  None of these recommendations were scientifically obvious, however, and so she plans to take my case to her institution's Tumor Board this week to get the opinion of her colleagues.  She'll let me know if her recommendations change after that. 

-The Indian restaurant is closed on Mondays.  Drat!  Instead, we found a Vietnamese restaurant with equally good reviews.  The food was delicious.   

-My dad is the best.


  1. Been thinking about you all day today Heather. I'm so thankful that the lung nodes are tiny and responded so well to treatment. Also glad you found good Vietnamese food. When I think about all the reasons I would like to live in Iowa again, family in number one, and A Dong is number two! :) Love you.

  2. okay... maybe I shouldn't have commented on the last one...

    breastless and lovely
    lopsided and lovely

    simply... lovely