Thursday, August 21, 2014

I've still got this

Alright.  I've finally got my hbomb back.  Sorry if I scared any of you, but thank you for all of the extra support I've received.  Some of your words and gestures were deeply touching, such as the books from Nebraska, the email from Wisconsin, and the bead delivery.  I love you all.  I'm sure that they are the direct cause of my improved mood.

A few other things have helped me to feel better.  1) Last night I escaped from my life by going to the cinema.  I haven't been to see a non-animated movie in an age.  My friend S was my buddy, and I inadvertently tested her friendship by dragging her to a Woody Allen movie.  I'm so out of the pop culture loop that I didn't know it was written by Woody Allen!  I just saw that there was a Colin Firth movie playing (I love Colin Firth) and I hastily dragged us to it without doing further research.  This is pure neglect on my part, considering the various modern technologies I could have employed to spare us from this tragedy.  In all seriousness, Colin Firth was excellent and the story was unique, so we just rolled our eyes at the pretentious scenes while we happily munched on our popcorn.

2)  This afternoon I hosted an ice cream social at work.  An undergraduate student who has worked in the lab all summer is returning to her institution next week, so someone suggested an ice cream party to celebrate.  I brought the ice cream and everyone brought a topping to share.  The result:  a lovely half-hour with my awesome co-workers eating the fanciest sundaes imaginable.  Sure we had hot fudge and strawberries, but would you believe that someone made homemade candied ginger?  And homemade cinnamon toast croutons?  I don't think any of us stopped at one sundae.  You'd be in a better mood, too, if you had sundaes like these.

3)  I took my daughters to the pool tonight.  I put my hat on Eleanor so that I could stand under the waterfall and let the water massage my shoulders.  I tried to get her to hold my sunglasses, too, but she couldn't get them to stay on her face and so she moved to set them the water.  I decided it was best to hold them outside the waterfall myself.  Also, watching my girls hold hands as they ascended the steps to the waterslide was pure bliss.  

I've rapidly progressed to the point where I'm so ready to be rid of this toxic breast it's not even funny.  I don't know how I can possibly wait until September 10th.  Oh yea, I suppose I'll be busy recovering from tomorrow because...

...IT'S MY LAST HARD CHEMOTHERAPY!  Woo hoo!  I'm oddly excited, like almost as excited as I feel before a trip or a show or something.  I've already got the coffee pot filled with water and decaf grounds, set to brew at 7:02.  My intentional choice of the odd time of 7:02 makes me even happier.

I'm pretty sure that I had more things to say, but my friend F just sent me this awesome mix via Spotify.  Now I'm distracted by these fantastic tracks.  Here's one for you.


  1. <3 <3 <3 I'll be thinking about you tomorrow. Hurray for the LAST hard chemo day! Good vibes, young lady.

  2. Celebrating with you! Thanks for keeping us always in the loop.