Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Beyond Gratitude

Carnation Nation, I am delighted to announce that you and my family did a very cool thing last week!  We made a charitable donation to my oncology clinic, directed toward oncology patients who need financial assistance for gas, food, etc. during their cancer treatments.  We made this donation in tribute to the specific physicians, nurses, and staff who have kept me alive this long (I specifically named individuals, which is terribly risky because I'm sure that I inadvertently forgot someone, but I'm trying not to worry about that).  And the FUN part was that the clinic organized a small surprise ceremony to honor the tributees and present them with a commemorative lapel pin.  My family was invited to attend, and the organizer said that they'd never had so many family members attend one of these before (I'm not surprised...my family is off the charts amazing!).  My heart was/is overflowing with gratitude for all of these people.  So many hugs were administered!  It was wonderful!!  Thank you, Carnation Nation, for making it possible to express our gratitude in such a profound way!!

My family with my Radiation Oncology Family. Hilary, your children's outfits are ON POINT. So adorable!  

My immediate family with my Radiation Oncology family. 

My immediate family with my Medical Oncology family.  I am a gigantic human in this photo!!  I've always been a back-row human, but they wanted the family in the front.  And my kids are adorable!
During the celebration, a member of the Medical Oncology family asked where my brother was?  My sister responded, oh, he lives in Seattle.  To which the Medical Oncology person shrugged, because she knows him as the guy who shows up.  You were missed, brother!  Can't wait to see you this weekend!!

My dad took us out to dinner afterwards to celebrate the occasion; the joy was running high, and it was lovely to keep it going.  Grandpa let the kids order the fancy desserts that they had been oogling in the case before we were seated, so everyone was super happy.  My sister's kids, in their matching outfits, about burst my heart!!!  Those smiles!!  Nothing beats cousin time for these guys.     

Happy kid table! 

Family dinner.  So special.  Thanks, dad and bonus mom!!