Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Whole-brain radiation--DONE

I received a certificate today for completing two weeks of whole-brain radiation.  Whew!  That was more stressful that I'd anticipated.  I'm feeling pretty glad that the ordeal is over.  I don't think the side effects are done accumulating yet.  My hair started falling out in earnest today, for example, and my head feels burn-y both inside and out, leading to the following one-hit wonder earworm from 1993 (middle school):

This head [bed] is on fire, with passionate love.
The neighbors complain about the noises above.
My therapist said not to see her no more
She said you're like a disease, without any cure
She said I'm so obsessed that I'm becoming a bore, oh no.

--band is called James, song is called "Laid"--it's not a very good or appropriate song for a family blog like this one, but it's what happens to be playing in my head ALL THE TIME ever since I thought of the words that my head is on fire.  Which was days ago!  Extra-strength Tylenol helps to quench the flames. 

The other earworm that has been plaguing me is from a save-the-rainforest movie we watched in maybe third grade or so.  K, up in the northwoods, or my multitude of siblings, perhaps you'll remember this with me?  "The RAINforest...the tropical RAINforest."  In my head it has become, "A BRAIN tumor...inoperable BRAIN tumor."  Such a catchy jingle!

The fatigue has situated in the bones a little bit.  Not as bad as chemo, but definitely feeling fatigued in addition to the clinical sleepiness I mentioned before.  It sorta feels like walking around with cinder blocks strapped to your bones.  But I'm doing very well listening to my body and recovering.  Not doing too much at all, I promise.  So much sleep to be had! 

Managing to fit in some holiday family time, too!  My dear friends A&M&E brought us the baked pieces for building and decorating gingerbread houses, so we've been working on those here and there.  Also, before my mom's departure she took us for a spa pedicure.  We now have festive toenails! 

Building the houses is the hardest part!  They needed to harden for a day or two before we decorated.  The girls are having a ball with this project!  Usually when we've done gingerbread houses we've used the hard store-bought kind and then assembled with hot glue, because it's so much easier.  These might be our first authentic gingerbread houses that are actually edible!   
And let's do a few more Puerto Rico vacation photos, shall we?

moon (lower left) over San Juan

E being pushed into shore on her body board

All of my loves enjoying the ocean at Condado Beach.


  1. I remember that movie but not the songs so much! I , quite often still, get a montage of snippets of George straight songs from a commercial for his tape that came out around the same time stuck in my head for days. It's so bizarre the weird things our brains hold on to. No pun I'll intended...

    1. Yes! The George Straight songs! This happens to me also! So much country music from my childhood that gets rolled out in my head randomly (like Paula Poundstone's character in Inside Out)..