Wednesday, December 5, 2018

What I'm not doing right now

I'm not walking to radiation treatment right now.  Huzzah!!  It was so hard to remember to go at first: I would be at work, happily working, and then tear myself away and hustle to the clinic.  But now it feels unusual to not have to do it.  I think I'll briefly walk the dog instead.

Thor!  My dad once said that he's the second cutest dog he's ever seen.  I like to taunt Thor about the elusive identity of THE cutest dog, but Thor doesn't seem to take it personally.  Also, don't let this sweet face fool you--Thor is a murderer!  He is a major bunny/squirrel/chipmunk hunter.    
I'm also NOT pulling my hair out (although I kinda's pretty hard not to, because my head is slightly itchy and I was already a hair-toucher).  It doesn't hurt at all, it just comes out.  I'm considering letting the girls cut it off later today, but first it'd be nice to know if it's coming out in patches or all over.  I'm more likely to let them cut it if it's coming out all over.  If it's just patches, I'd rather keep some long hair to cover up the patches.  I had the spouse look at it, and not enough has fallen out for him to determine.  Maybe by the end of the day the situation will have changed.   

I'm also NOT absolutely abiding my diet.  I'm still striving for at least 20 g protein per meal, but I've gotten a little bit lax on the sugar thing.  Some delicious holiday cookies have entered the house, and I am thoroughly enjoying them!  But hopefully not too many of them.  ;)   

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