Sunday, December 16, 2018


We did it!  We shaved my head.  And I love it.  The long hair falling out was so messy.  Now when the remaining hair falls out it will just be little bits.  And I can oil up my scalp!  The girls had fun cutting it with scissors before the spouse took the clippers and buzzed it for me.  I appreciate their support so much!  Simple isn't easy, but hopefully they found a little bit of fun in this unique experience of cutting your mom/wife's hair because it's falling out everywhere.  This time I'm rocking the baldness WITH eyebrows!  Trust makes a difference! 

The scalp isn't even the itchiest part--for some reason, my forehead is terribly itchy.  I'm putting Aquaphor on it, and that provides a little bit of relief.  But the skin appears to be completely fine.  It's not red or flaky or anything.  Just itchy.  When all is calm and I'm trying to rest, the inside of my forehead feels itchy, too, like the inside of my skull, so maybe it's just a sensation?  Who knows! 

Other new things:  super watery eyes and screwed-up tastebuds!  Perhaps whole-brain radiation is more like whole-head radiation! 

I've achieved my maximum dose of the short-term memory preservation drug, so hopefully I'll start to get used to it soon and stop being quite so tired.  Also, I've resumed my attempts to decrease my steroids--my plan is to try to reduce my dose by half a milligram a week, and I started Monday!  So far, so good.  My head doesn't feel any worse.  Huzzah!  Simple is not easy. 

At the family holiday party yesterday, Aunt Sandy kindly pointed out to me that the wooly bear caterpillars in my brain will eventually turn into moths and fly away, carrying Lloyd with them.  That's so wonderful!  Thank you, Aunt Sandy!  For now they seem to be enjoying their campout.  They are welcome to stay free of charge until they've burned Lloyd out completely. 

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  1. That's a wonderful analogy. Fly away butterflies!

  2. ❤️love this❤️ (with you always from afar) XXOO-PP