Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Columbia is lovelia

Has anyone ever told you how therapeutic it is to just to get out of town?  Or even out of state?  Add to that the joy that comes from spending uninterrupted days with one's precious daughters.  Plus the delight of visiting old friends and getting to know their babies.  It was just what the doctor ordered, even if it wasn't quite enough time away.  There will be other long weekends.  

Matt and Martha are the best hosts ever, and even the triplets were gracious enough to share a bathroom with us.  M&M cooked and cleaned, cleaned and cooked, and even stayed up late to watch a movie with me one night.  Fortunately our families are pretty much on the same schedule, so the visit was very smooth despite all of the childcare being performed.  Activities included going to the library storytime, playing in the kiddie pool on the patio, walking around downtown and a bit on campus, and walking around the neighborhood.  On Sunday we took nearly the whole day off from cooking by eating lunch downtown and ordering Shakespeare's pizza for dinner (Pat, it is indeed delicious, although I was more impressed by Sparky's ice cream.  Two words:  peach cobbler).  In short, I was pleasantly surprised by Columbia, MO.  Some photos are posted below, but click here to view more photos from our trip.  Oh, and on the way home I bought ~4 dozen Missouri peaches from a roadside stand.  I am literally speechless just remembering the juice dribbling down my chin as the rosy flesh burst between my jaws.  That's right, those peaches are already gone.  They were well-loved.  

My sinuses are feeling great, although I didn't realize it until my in-laws asked me about it the other day.  Yet another example of me taking my renewed normal life for granted.  Anyway, I was never very congested even with my sinus infections, but I do think that the nasal steroids are improving the situation.  I do seem to be getting more air up in there, and Dr. Ear Nose and Throat said that air is key to improving the sinus situation.  I therefore think I am in the midst of a modest sinus victory.


  1. Bravest Heather:
    Thanks for taking your first vacation opportunity to visit tripletville! It was so great to spend time with you and the girls. You really do seem to have returned to full H-Bomb power. And bonus we'll be able to visit again in just a few weeks!

    Though unfortunately for A and E we won't be bringing the kitty with us :)


  2. It sounds like a lovely vacation and with a lot of baby cuteness thrown in!

  3. What fun! Thanks for the great photos!