Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Newly Born Woman

She refuses life nothing.  Her tongue doesn't hold back but holds forth, doesn't keep in but keeps on enabling.  Where the wonder of being several and turmoil is expressed, she does not protect herself against these unknown feminines; she surprises herself at seeing, being, pleasuring in her gift of changeability.  I am spacious singing Flesh:  onto which is grafted no one knows which I--which masculine or feminine, more or less human but above all living, because changing I.  
 Helene Cixous    


  1. The smile wins over the look of apprehension. The smile always wins.

  2. Great passage from Cixous to illustrate the change and transformation you've undergone this past year. And you've refused nothing, you embraced this change with so much strength and beauty. You're truly an inspiration, Heather. Love you!


  3. THIS is my favorite post to date. I love it. And, I love you.

    xo! Becky