Monday, July 18, 2011

I got my sunset

Lori took the girls
I had a date at the lake 
With Ian on Sat.

The day was pretty
The heat was ridiculous
On the pontoon boat

Snack and supper was
Vegetarian bean dip
Before it went "splat"

After the boat ride
We beheld the sunset from
Our camp on the lake

As the sun faded
The moisture made the sky pink
Orange and purple

I took a deep breath
Another and another
Sans interruptions

It has been too long
I smiled and felt peaceful when
I got my sunset


  1. I can close my eyes and be with you. I can see and feel what you are. I'm sure Grandma Lori is getting the same pleasure out of two beautiful little girls. I'm happy for your sunset.

  2. Now I'm the one who is not crying :)

  3. Beautiful! Yea for you and Ian (and for Lori & the girls)!

  4. I love me some haiku.

    Lovely - just lovely.

    xoxo - B.