Sunday, July 24, 2011

My ROOMMATE was the film student, not me

Eleanor Rose turned two last Wednesday.  I'm commemorating it here with some digital goodness that we captured over the weekend.  More photos of our fun can be seen here, although I still need to snag the pics from Lori that she took at Nori's wading pool party.  Let's start with a movie.  I think I tried too hard to channel Sofia Coppola, but hopefully you won't get too dizzy.  Below you can watch Nori blow out her candle all by herself.  You're welcome (for sparing you from listening to us sing).

I had chemo (herceptin) on her birthday, so Ian brought the girls and some lunch to my appointment.  One of my favorite nurses made the girls balloons out of nitrile gloves.  A glove balloon is shown below, with the card from Azalea and a page of the raddest book in the universe.

This weekend we had too much fun, and I don't have enough energy to recount it.  Hopefully you'll forgive me if I jack up the cuteness quotient.  The two pictures below really do say 1,000 words.  Try to hear all of them.

And finally, a movie of us enjoying a break from the midwestern heat wave with one of Eleanor's new toys.  Only Ian could make bubbles a little gross.


  1. Who else but Ian would come up with bubble poop and bubble turds!!!!! Ice cream sandwiches for birthday, why didn't i think of that? You are a genius!!!! Too cute! Glad the book was a hit! Love you all,

  2. Happy, happy birthday to Eleanor!!