Thursday, August 16, 2012

Family vacation 2012 installment 1

In July we spent a week at Camp Unistar, a week-long family summer camp on Star island in Cass Lake.  We parked the car at the SailStar Marina and took a ferry to the island on a Saturday.  The ferry didn't return for us until the following Saturday.  Delicious food was provided in the mess hall at the blow of a conch.  Paradise?  I think so.
Ian helped Eleanor tie-dye a shirt with the Children's Program.  That's right, there were children's activities scheduled every day from 10-12, and you could drop your kids off or stay with them.  Now do you believe me that it was paradise?

This is Eleanor goofing around with a fish face after tie-dying her shirt.  

Fishing with daddy/Uncle Ian.  Eleanor was the first one to catch a fish.  She was soooo excited until she reeled it up out of the water and could see it flopping around.  Then she screamed, and Azalea screamed, and no one wanted to fish anymore.  "Dad, I want you to take my worm off the hook so that I can still fish."

This is the best picture I got of my honey and I, and it's not so bad except for the angle.  Favors our chins in a less than flattering way.

One of the Children's Program activites was to write letters to the fairies that live on Star Island.  

We then took a hike through the woods with our letters to the fairies (note that Eleanor chose to hike in a princess dress for the occasion).

We found the fairy village on our hike.  We inspected their cool houses and left our letters under a rock.  

The beach was one of our favorite activities!  Cass lake is crystal clear, and the camp's sandy beach goes on and on.  There are two platforms anchored in the water.
My Nori Rose.

To be continued...