Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Good if not thorough news

Today the nurse called from Dr. Dermatologist's office with my biopsy results.

Biopsy #1:  persistent shoulder rash.  The nurse on the phone said that the doctor, "thinks its a rare form of eczema."  He thinks?  We biopsied this baby and someone still lacks confidence with the diagnosis?  This is why it's better to get the results in person and read the pathology report with the doctor.  At any rate, I'll see Dr. Oncologist next week after the PET scan, so I'll ask to access the skin biopsy report then.  In the meantime, Dr. D. prescribed a strong steroid to motivate the rash to go away.  We're to give it 2 weeks to be effective before we try other approaches.

Biopsy #2.  black thigh non-scab.  I was told that this was a benign growth.  I like the word" benign", but not the word "growth".  Again, I am keen to read the pathology report and get some more details on this odd growth that sprang up in the last few weeks.

All in all this is definitely good news, but I am greatly looking forward to learning more details about these conclusions.  

In the meantime I will add more substance to this post with a teaser of our summer vacation photos.  The next post will be the vacation photo essay.

After dinner on a windy evening, the four of us hiked across the island to sunset rock.  Here  you can see me stepping over a log while the girls are ducking under it.  The sun's glare through the trees indicates that we are near our goal.  

We discovered that the lake was calm at sunset rock (part of the rock is captured on the bottom right, with various of our garrments sunning on it) despite the wind on our side of the island.  We stayed for a long time, throwing rocks in the water and running along the beach.    
My Azalea Bud.

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  1. Azalea Bud and Nori Rose...two beautiful ladies who have a most beautiful mommy.