Monday, August 20, 2012

Family vacation 2012 installment 2

Another one of the Children's Program activities was to do a cooking project with one of the two staff bakers (yes!) in the new $750,000 kitchen (yesss!!!).  They made popovers.
Azalea enjoyed her handiwork.

Eleanor enjoyed her handiwork so much that she wanted seconds.  Sadly, there were insufficient popovers for seconds.  Poor Eleanor!

I have failed to mention that the theme of the week was geology.   Two professors of geology were on the island all week to give mini-lessons on Minnesota geology.  One day one of them came to the Children's Program with a microscope (YESSSS!!!!) and everyone examined salt, sand, and other rocks.  My nephew is pictured here.  

Note the smile of pleasure on Azalea's face.  

Everyone should look through a microscope from time to time!

And now for a few random "around the camp" photos.  In the background you can see the neighbor's cabin, and behind it their neighbor's cabin (there are only 5 cabins; ours is behind the camera).  Pictured are grandma Lori, my nephew, and Azalea doing a watercolor art project.  We enjoyed many art projects that week.  

Children's Program has a room adjacent to the lodge that is filled with books, dress-up, crafts, and Foosball.  We could go in there anytime to play, and the dress-up options were impressive.    

The lodge has tons of games and puzzles, and Aunt Molly especially loved the puzzles.  We helped her from time to time.  

There is a Camp Unistar talent show on the last night, featuring any campers and staff who want to participate.  Ian and the girls sang Golden Slumbers (by the Beatles).  He sings it to them almost every night before they go to sleep, and they have it memorized, too.  It was incredibly precious.  

We're already counting down until we can go back next year. 


  1. What an awesome vacation! As usual, great narrating and darling pictures. Loved reading the details. Precious.

  2. Don't we just wish we could sign up for next year already!!!!! It was so incredible. Love, love, love it. And, not to brag, but do I have the most amazing grandchildren or what!?!?!?!