Friday, August 24, 2012

No more "Pet scan tomorrow"s

Today couldn't have gone any better, really.  Not only was my PET scan perfectly clean, but also Dr. Oncologist said that I don't need any more PET scans.  I'll repeat that:  clean PET scan and no more PET scans.

Has the goodness of that news sunk in yet?  I don't think it has for me, either.

She said that I will remain under her watchful eye forever but particularly until November 2013, which will mark the two year anniversary of completing all of my treatments for inflammatory breast cancer.  Since the PET scans have been clean twice in a row and they require the injection of radioactive molecules (which as you know cause CANCER), we are going to cease the precautionary PET scans and only use them to confirm suspected new cancers.

But I won't have any recurrences or metastases, so I'm claiming that yesterday was my last PET scan ever.  Huzzah!!!

I will still see Dr. O every three months, and she will check my blood for tumor markers and other signs of cancer.  I will miss her, but like Mary Poppins, she swooped in and performed her job so that I can get back to my happy life.  Right now it is not a kite but me that she has sent soaring.  



  1. Best news ever!!! Soooooo happy!


  2. Yeah Heather! This is some of the best news ever! I've been thinking about you a lot lately, as i just past my 2 years since "you have Cancerversary" mark. Thinking about all the people who helped me get through the past 2 years and you were definately one of them! Thank You for that!
    Be Free my Internet Friend!!!