Sunday, May 4, 2014

Florida magic, afternoon 2

Beach day! This was my daughters' first time to the Atlantic, and they loved it. The only word to describe today is perfect. 

The boarder.

The runner.


  1. The joy is contagious! What fun. So much healing is going on. Let that cancer wash away with every wave. Pure joy! LOVE YOU ALL>

  2. They will always remember their first time at the ocean. Such a wonderful day!

  3. huzzah! i almost felt sorry for myself a bit today,thanks for stopping that. what epic wonderfulness! love you! (also my radishes and peas are sprouting! cant wait to share some of my epic garden with you if you are up for it!!) these pictures are massaging my soul.

    1. "massaging my soul"--love it!

      Would love to sample your garden sometime. :)

  4. so terrific! Glad you are having such a great time with Ian and the girls! Can't wait for full report.