Thursday, May 22, 2014

The tower from two blocks: a poem by the OC

This is a poem that my brother wrote for me.  He captured my frustration in a way that is clever and funny, but he also uses strong language that I rarely use myself.  I am posting the poem because I enjoy posting poems that other people write for me.  Please read at your own discretion.  

Trigger alert:  strong language.    

The crusade of the day sends the kids away
Dad is feeling the heat as the family wants to stay
Don't wake me, I'm resting, don't sound any alarms
Stop poking probes into my arms
But they're not listening
But they're not listening

Imprisoned cells of cells ring bells
The dripping drops signal auditory hell
Nurses crawl to flip the switch
Just get me my Neosporin, bitch.
But she's not listening
But she's not listening

Escape from quarantine, I have my life to live
I can hear the screams for books--damn kids.
Give me a hall pass for the night
I'll come back tomorrow--I said I "might"
But no one's listening
But no one's listening

Don't they know by now I'm stronger than a fucking ox?
I'll knit my own escape and give it socks
My mind will free me for the night
Now let me sleep, dammit, and turn off the light.

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